Anxi Hong Cha, 2023

“Red tea from Anxi” is made at the south of Fujian province. The raw material is hairy spring buds and tender leaves. The dry tea consists of medium size thin twisted dark-brown leaves and red hairy buds. The aroma is warm with fruity and floral tones. The clear liquor has red-chestnut tint.

Infuse this tea with boiled water of 95°С in yixing tea pot for red teas or in gaiwan. Take 5 grams for 100 ml volume vessel. Rinse tea with hot water, make short infusion just for a second and increase the infusion time gradually with each next brewing. It goes 6-7 infusions.

This is an excellent choice for everyday tea time in cold season. It has a bright taste, rich aroma and warming effect. It makes spirit high, activates body, refreshes perception and brings positive emotion. It suits nice with milk, dry fruits and sweet deserts.

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