Qimen Hong Cha

“Red Tea from Qimen” (Anhui Province) outside of China is known as “Keemun”. Its production began at the end of the XIX century and was focused on exports to England, Europe and Russia. In 1915 tea from Qimen was awarded a gold medal at the World Exhibition in Panama and then many times received the highest awards at national competitions. In the West it is still used for a number of classic blends.

In appearance: small, glossy, black-brown curls of twisted leaves. The aroma is intense, herbal-biscuit. The liquor is transparent, golden almond color.

The brewed tea has warm, bright, honey-biscuit bouquet with hints of fresh berries, lemon and juniper. The aroma is warm, herbal-biscuit. The taste is full-bodied and juicy, sweetish, with lemon acidity, transforming into refreshing finish.

Brew tea with hot boiling water (95°C) in a porcelain gaiwan or a teapot of porous clay. The proportion is 3-4 g per 100 ml. The time of the first steeping is about 6-8 seconds. After that do short steeps (just for 2-3 seconds), increasing steeping time for each subsequent step, if necessary. You can steep the tea up to 7-8 times.

“Red Tea from Qimen” is the right choice for everyday teabreaks. Goes well with milk and sweet snacks. The effect is warming, mild tonic.

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