Xiao Zhong Hong Cha (red tea from Wuyishan), 100 g

«Xiao Zhong the Red Tea» is the famous red tea from Fujian Province. Harvest: spring 2018.

In appearance: tea brick (100 grams, 12 segments) of pressed tea leaves. The fragrance is sweet, fruity with biscuit accent. The liquor is transparent with reddish-chestnut hue.

The bouquet of brewed tea is warm, woody, with pastry, fruity and autumn notes. The fragrance is warm, fruity-herbaceous. The taste is full-bodied, sweetish, with delicate woody tartness and citrus sourness, turns to refreshing finish.

Brew tea with hot water (95-100°C) in a teapot or thermos. The proportion is 8 g (1 segment) per 200 ml. The time of the first steeping is about 1-2 minutes. After that you can steep it 2-3 times more. Perfect for brewing in the thermos.

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