Herbal tea Cake “Cherry Sea” 80 g.

Willow-herb, black, large-leaf, Tver region.
Fermented cherry leaf
Rose tea

Wild plants – summer 2020
Press – summer 2020

For easy storage, carry and preparation, the herbal tea is compressed into a bar weighing 50 grams.

Cooking :
Break off a piece, put 400 ml of hot water in the tea pot and brew for 5-10 minutes.
Brew well in a thermos (1 piece per 500 ml of hot water).

The effect is pacifying, inspiring, nourishing.
Aroma plunges into a dreamy state, and the taste is a real pleasure! Gentle, deep, rich, spreading inside, like a warm sea. The sweetness of cherry leaf, light tartness of Fireweed, delicate rose – a unique combination for any occasion.

Herbal tea Cake “Cherry Sea” is a uniquely cultivated wild plants of the Central Russian Upland and the Crimea.
The collection has a more “tea” taste and less “herbal” and will appeal to many.

Top grade.

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