Herbal tea Cake “Forest tea” , 80 g

The tile is designed for 12 infusions of 300 ml.

“Earthly sky” is a tonic collection of northern herbs, it has a unique composition and properties.

Pressed tile contains leaves, stems, flowers, roots, fruits, mushrooms and algae (lichen).

Ingredients: fire herb, siksha, marjoram, medunitsa medicinal, lingonberry (l), bergenia (l), wild rosemary (l), viburnum (n), red root, centraria

Cooking method:
Break off a piece, put 300 ml in a kettle, pour boiling water over it and leave for 5-10 minutes.
Well brew in a thermos (1 piece per 500 ml of boiling water).

In the northern forests, we step not on the ground, but on a fluffy carpet of herbs and plants, in which our legs gently sink, and our breath is filled with fresh air. The pressed grass collection “Earthly Sky” is the strength and harmony of wild plants in the north of Russia.

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