Herbal tea Cake “GorMa”, 50 g

Willow-herb, black, large-leaf, Tver region 2020
Cherry tea, fermented leaf, 2020
Fermented meadowsweet
Chaga mushroom
Saagan Dailya (Rhododendron adamsii), 2020
Raspberry leaf twisted

Tea Cake “GorMa” is a soothing herbal tea. “GorMa” means Mother Earth, Russian PachaMama. Some northern peoples called the meadowsweet, fireweed, and some other herbs “Ma”. It’s a reminder of mother nature, which with love gives us everything that we accept with gratitude.

The cake of 9 pieces is designed for approximately 5 liters of tea. It is recommended to brew 1 slice (per 300-500 ml of water) 5 minutes or more. You can also steep it in a thermos or boil.

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