Pressed tea “Grandfather”, 80 g

Red fine-leaf Georgian tea
Far East lemongrass vine
St. John’s wort
Raspberry leaf
Rosehip fruits

Tonic black tea with vine Far Eastern lemongrass, wild herbs and berries. Natural source of energy, adaptogen, antioxidant. Warms and helps with digestion.
The taste is strong, ripe, spicy, with a long aftertaste.

Method of preparation:
Break off a piece, put in a 1000ml kettle, pour hot water (90g) and infuse for 5-10 min. Suitable for brewing by pouring.  Well brewed in a thermos (1 piece per 1000 ml of hot water).
The collection has a restorative, anti-inflammatory, cleansing effect on the human body. Tones and warms.

Contraindications: Pregnancy, children under 5 years.

100% Organic. Vegan.

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