Herbal tea Cake “Caucasus”, 50 g

For convenience, pressed into a 9-tiled square brick.
Preparation: Detach 1 tile and steep with 800-1000 ml of hot 90°C-98°C  water. Wait 3-5 minutes. Enjoy your Tea!
All ingredients are harvested by experienced herbalists in the Caucasus Mountains. The components and their respective proportions provide a balanced healing effect – immunity enhancing, digestion-normalizing and a strengthening of the nervous system.
The bouquet is herbaceous-minty-fruity, the taste is rich, but without bitterness and astringency.
For easy storage and preparation, the herbal tea is pressed into a tiled brick weighing 50 grams. This is a completely natural product composed of wild plants, without the use of artificial flavours and additives. Made in Russia.
Ingredients: Oregano, St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), alpine thyme, mint, Epilobium willow-herb, sage, raspberry leaf, rose blossom, hawthorn fruit, rowan berries, rose-hip (Fructus Rosae).

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