Willow-herb / Ivan-Chay black, large-leaf, nature reserve “Russian North”

This herbal tea is produced in the summer 2020 in the territory of the National Park “Russian North” (Vologda region). The technology is similar to the production technology of Chinese tea oolong.

The dry herbal tea consists of medium size, thin, dark brown twisted leaves with the stems. The aroma is floral. The clear infusion has meadow honey tint.

The bouquet of brewed tea is rich, corny, floral with berry overtone. The taste is mild, sweetish, with sour nuance. The aroma is tender, herbal and floral. It has nice refreshing aftertaste.

Willow-herb tea is brewed with boiled water (95°С) in the ceramic gaiwan or in glass or ceramic tea pot.

Take 5 grams of tea per 100 ml of water. Make quick infusions and increase the infusion time gradually.

Willow herb tea does not contain caffeine so it is nice to have it in the evening time. It has sedative, relaxing and warming effect.

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