Cruz de Malta #M0802 500 g

Cruz de Malta Yerba Mate is an important brand in Argentina for traditional and high quality Yerba Mate wine. It is 100% naturally processed, without added chemicals or preservatives.

Yerba mate lovers in Cruz de Malta say this is a brand they can rely on. It has a typical Argentine cut with a wonderful balance of stems, leaves and dust.

The taste of Cruz de Malta is also of high quality. Unlike other yerba peers, Cruz de Malta is on the stronger side, which is a plus for drinkers looking for an energy boost.

The tradition of drinking mate is an important part of South American culture, especially in Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, although it is also common in other South American countries. It is usually drunk from a natural gourd used as a cup and then drunk through a metal straw known as a bombilla, which has a filter end to separate the infusion from the yerba leaves.

Brand: Cruz de Malta

Country of origin: Argentina


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