Chun Shuixian

“Chun Shuixian” was made in the Fenghuangshan Mountains in the spring of 2021 (medium fire). The shoots of the Chaozhou Shuixian variety, the progenitor of all cultivars in the Phoenix Mountains, were used as raw materials.

In appearance: large, dark purple flagella of twisted leaves with thin cuttings. The fragrance is intensive, berry-floral. The liquor is transparent, with a mahogany shade.

The bouquet of ready-made tea is multifaceted and vivid, berry-floral, with notes of exotic wood resins, spicy herbs and baked fruits. The aroma is high, berry-floral. The taste is refined and full-bodied, a bit astringent, with berry acidity, spicy nuances and juicy finish.

Steep the tea in a hot water (80-90°C) in a gaiwan or in a teapot made of porous clay. The proportion is 5 g per 100 ml. The time of the first steeping is about 15 seconds. After that do short steeps (for 5-7 seconds) increasing steeping time for each subsequent step, if necessary. You can steep the tea up to 8 times.

“Chun Shuixian” is the right choice for those looking for an excellent tea with a multifaceted flavor and tonic effect.

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