Ren Shen Oolong (Taiwan)

“Ginseng Oolong” is one of the famous Taiwanese teas, saturated with licorice juice. Licorice has similar properties to ginseng and a pleasant sweet taste. Tea does not contain any artificial flavor and made of tea leaves of Summer harvest.

In appearance: small olive-green lumps of twisted tea shoots. The aroma is deep, spicy-biscuit. The infusion is transparent, with yellow hue.

The bouquet of brewed tea is bright, spicy with biscuit, creamy and woody notes. The aroma is sweet, spicy. The taste is bright and full-bodied, sweet, a bit tart, with and thin citrus sourness.

Brew tea with hot water (95°C) in a porcelain gaiwan or a teapot of porous clay. The proportion is 5 g per 100 ml. The time of the first steeping is about 10 seconds. After that do short steeps (just for 2-3 seconds), increasing steeping time for each subsequent step, if necessary. You can steep the tea up to 9-10 times.

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