Da Hong Pao # 100500

“Big Red Robe” is the most famous Wuyi oolong tea variety, and this is a symbol of this region. The processing includes the repeated rolling, strong oxidizing and high fire.

The dried tea consists of medium size, curved dark brown leaves. The aroma of dry tea is warm, corny and spicy with a floral hint. The clear liquor has hazelnut tint.

The bouquet of brewed tea is warm, bright, and complex, with corny, spicy tones and hints of berries, creamy caramel, vanilla and homemade cookies. The aroma is strong, corny, floral, for a long time kept on the walls of the cooled cup. The taste is strong, mild, buttery, slightly sweet. It is slightly astringent only in strong concentration. The refreshing aftertaste is very nice.

Big Red Robe is brewed with hot boiled water of 95 ° C in the teapot for heavily oxidized oolongs or in the gaiwan. Take 5-6 grams of tea leaves per 100 ml brewing vessel. Make quick infusions (just a few seconds) and increase the infusion time gradually. It goes 6-7 infusions.

The tea can be brewed in a mug or thermos (1.5-2 grams per 300 ml).

This is an excellent budget tea for everyday tea time. It is a kind of “light version” of expensive, ceremonial DHP. It is quite thick, mild and complex. The tea has warming, light tonic and meditative effect.

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