Da Hong Pao #888

“Big red robe” is the most famous variety of Wuyi oolong tea, it has become a symbol of this region. It was processed by repeated rolling, strong fermentation and high fire roasting.

The dry dark brown tea leaves are of medium size. The aroma of dry tea is warm, strong, corny, spicy, with floral notes. The clear liquor has chestnut tint.

The bouquet of brewed tea is warm, bright, corny, spicy with hints of tobacco, biscuits, sun-warmed stones, flowers and berries. The aroma is rich, corny and floral. The taste is strong, polyphonic, changing from the mild, oily-sweet at the beginning to the pleasantly astringent at the end and it turns into juicy, refreshing aftertaste.

DHP 800 is brewed with hot boiled water of 95 ° C in the yixing teapot for a strong-fermented oolong or gaiwan. Take 5 gr per 100 ml vessel. Make a short infusion (just for a second) and increase the infusion time gradually. The tea goes 6-7 brewing.

This is a great budget DHP for everyday tea time. It is strong, rich, polyphonic. The tea warms, light relaxes and has meditative effects.

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