Da Hong Pao, broken leaf

Big Red Robe, broken leaf” is warm, with floral and dried fruits tones. The clear liquor is chestnut brown.

The bouquet is warm, corny, spicy, with floral, berry and woody tones. The rich aroma is complex. The taste is rich, strong, silky, sweetish with light bitterness and a fiery spicy tone which turns into the refreshing aftertaste.

Da Hong Pao is brewed with boiled water (95-100°С) in gaiwan, tea infuser or cup. Take 5 grams for 100 ml volume vessel. Make quick infusions and increase the infusion time gradually. It goes 10 infusions brewing this way.

This is a high quality budget tea for everyday tea time. It relieves fatigue, stress, makes the mind clear, warms and relaxes the body.

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