Dong Pieng Rou Gui (Rich Cinnamon, winter leaf)

“Winter Cinnamon” is an original oolong that was harvested and produced in the beginning of 2015. Unusual for the Cinnamon variety mild fire and medium fermentation make a deep, tender bouquet with floral and spicy. So this variety is similar with Guangdong, South Fujian and even Taiwanese oolongs.

The dry leaves are medium, curved, brown with green-fenny tint The aroma is rich, warm, with corny, floral and spicy tones. The clear liquor has a nice honey tint.

The bouquet is warm, corny, spicy, with floral and honey tones. The rich aroma is deep, spicy. The taste is mild, round, oily, sweetish, with light bitterness which turns into the long lasting, sweet, refreshing aftertaste.

Dong Pieng Rou Gui is brewed with boiled water 95°С in yixing teapot for strong fermented oolongs or thick walled gaiwan. Take 5-6 grams for 100 ml volume vessel. Make quick infusions and increase the infusion time gradually. It goes 8-9 infusions brewing this way.

This is a very nice tea for an everyday tea time in the cold season.  It has mild, playful taste and warming effect. Traditionally Rou Gui is male choice due to its strong taste. But this tender floral variety will be fascinated also by males and females.

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