Huang Dang

The “Golden Sunrise” is medium fermented oolong which is roasted on the medium fire, according to the traditional technology of long lasting heating on the charcoals. It is produced in the natural resource in Wuyishan. The raw material is the leaves of “Golden Sunrise” tea trees, which are known in the Anxi province since the XIX century. This tea variety is a close relative to the Teguanyin variety and characterized by elastic leaves and Osmanthus flavor. It was regarded in National Competitions in 80-s of XX century, and was spread in the neighboring regions.

The dry tea leaves are of medium size, twisted, have dark brown and lurid color. The aroma is warm, tender, floral. The clear liquor has hazelnut tint.

The bouquet of brewed tea is woody, floral with corny and berry tones. The taste is strong, soft with no bitterness of astringency. The aroma is subtle, warm, floral. The aftertaste is rich and lasting.

Huang Dang is brewed with hot boiled water (95-100°С) in yixing tea pot or in gaiwan. Take 6 grams of tea for 120 ml volume vessel. Shed tea with hot water and after infuse tea for 10 seconds, increasing the infusion time gradually till 2 minutes. This tea stands 6-7 infusions brewing this way.

This is an original cliff oolong for everyday tea time. It has the light tonic effect, gives energy to the body, brings positive emotions, refreshes the perception and stimulates the imagination.

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