Mei Zhan

Mei Zhan means “Wild Plum”. It is made in the small farm in the Wuyishan Mountains. Mei Zhan is produced according to traditional technology by long lasting warming on the wood charcoals. The raw material is tea leaves of “Wild Plum” tea bushes. It is “Qiao Mo” agrotype and one of 6 famous Anxi tea varieties, which are grown in Wuyishan. This is medium fermented tea.  “Medium fire” roasting releases floral tones in the bouquet.

The vinous-brown dry tea leaves are lateral twisted. The aroma is warm with corny and spicy tones. The clear liquor has a golden almond tint.

The bouquet of brewed tea is complex with fruity, corny, spicy, floral and honey tones. The taste is dense, smooth, oily, with light fruit sour taste and fresh mint aftertaste. The aroma is warm, floral with “smoky” tint.

Mei Zhan is brewed with hot boiled water (95-100°С) in yixing tea pot for strong fermented oolongs or in thick-walled gaiwan. Take 5-6 grams of tea for 100 ml volume vessel. Shed tea with hot water, and after increase the infusion time gradually. This tea goes 8-9 infusions brewing this way.

This quality oolong is nice for different occasions and moods. It has a warming, relaxing and meditative effect.

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