Tang Bei Rou Gui

“Rou Gui” means “Chinese Cinnamonum” or Cinnamomum cassia. Tea leaves of the “Cinnamonum” tea type are juicy and elastic, stand multiple twisting and “high fire”, getting a magnificent bright taste and magic cliff aroma as the result. The final roasting is made manually according to the traditional technology of charcoal roasting that called “Tang Bei”.

The dry tea leaves are large, tightly twisted and have dark violet and vinous-brown color. The aroma of dry tea is rich, deep and spicy. The clear liquor has a dark amber tint.

The bouquet of brewed tea sounds with classical “Wuyishan” melody. The hot, dry high tones change into basic tone of fresh, spicy nuances, south flowers tints, creamy caramel, pulled figs accents. The taste is strong and oily. Slight astringency gives a rich sweet taste. The aroma is polyphonic, odorous and intensive. The expressive aftertaste is long lasting.

Tang Bei Rou Gui is brewed with hot boiled water (95-100°С) in yixing tea pot for strong fermented oolongs or in thick-walled gaiwan. Take 6-7 grams of tea for 120 ml volume vessel. According to oolong tradition shed tea with water and empty cups, then make infusion just by shedding tea with water. Increase the infusion time gradually after the fifth infusion. This tea goes 8-9 infusions.

“Tang Bei” is a nice tea for cliff oolong enthusiasts. It has magnificent taste and strong effect. It relaxes tension, calms mind, and relaxes body. It is perfect for the morning practices, evening rest and friend’s tea party

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