Yue Ming Xiang

Yue Ming Xiang means “The Aroma of Lucid Moon”. This tea was produced in the monastery “Sky Heart”, Tian Xin Si. According to the tradition, fresh tea is infused on spring water by еthe monks and their guests at the ceremony of Full Moon adoration during the Full Moon Festival. This is one of the main calendar celebration in China. Usually nice and successful varieties and technologies of tea become popular and spread beyond the place of origin. So now “The Aroma of Lucid Moon” is produced also at the farms near the monastery.

The dry large twisted leaves are dark brown. The aroma is warm, subtle, with woody and corny tints. The clear liquor has a light tint of golden almond.

The bouquet of brewed tea is moderate, elegant, with woody, corny and floral tones. The aroma is tender and elegant. The taste is subtle, pure, light with nuances of oak moss, cookies and dry berries. The aftertaste is refreshing.

Yue Ming Xiang is brewed with hot boiled water (95-100°С) in yixing tea pot for strong fermented oolongs or in thick-walled gaiwan. Take 6 grams of tea for 120 ml volume vessel. Empty first infusion, then make quick infusions for 3-5 seconds and increase the infusion time gradually till 3 minutes. The infusion is light, but it would not be nice to infuse the tea leaves long, because they are dense and over brewing can spoil charming elegant taste.

This excellent ceremonial tea is elegant and meditative. It opens consciousness for the perception of transcendent beauty, high emotions and subtle aesthetic experience.

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