Zi Mu Dan (Purple peony)

“Purple peony” is medium roasted oolong which is produced in the Wuyishan Mountain according to the traditional technology.

The dry tea leaves are medium, twisted and have vinous brown color. The aroma of dry tea is warm, sweet and corny. The clear liquor has a golden almond tint.

The bouquet of brewed tea is floral, with corny and woody tones. The taste is dense, lush, oily, with a light sour taste and berry nuances. It has a nice refreshing aftertaste.

Zi Mu Dan is brewed with hot boiled water (95-100°С) in yixing tea pot for strong fermented oolongs or in thick-walled gaiwan. Take 5 grams of tea for 120 ml volume vessel. Shed tea with hot water, and after infuse few times for 10 seconds and gradually increase the infusion time till 2 minutes. This tea goes 6-7 infusions.

This original tea has a mild taste and meditative effect. It warms and relaxes the body, calms your mind and refreshes the perception.

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