Lao Si Ji Chun (2004)

Aged oolong “Lao Si Ji Chun” (“Eternal Spring”), baked on charcoal during processing.

In appearance: small, brown lumps of twisted tea shoots. The aroma is intense, woody-herbaceous with a smoky accent. The infusion is transparent, with a chestnut shade.

The bouquet of brewed tea is multifaceted, woody-herbaceous with coffee, nutty, smoked and fruity notes. The aroma is warm, complex, nutty-herbaceous with a smoky accent. The taste is rich, oily, sweetish, a bit tart, with a refined cocoa bitterness, fruity sourness, spicy nuances and lingering finish.

Steep the tea in a hot water (95°C) in a porcelain gaiwan or in a porous clay teapot. The proportion is 6 g per 100 ml. The time of the first steeping is about 30 seconds. After that do short steeps (10 seconds), increasing steeping time for each subsequent step, if necessary. You can steep the tea up to 10 times.

Aged oolong “Lao Si Ji Chun” is an excellent choice for a gongfucha style tea ceremony. The effect is warming, soft tonic.

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